Moose River Campground
Moose River Campground
Moose River Campground

Rates and Reservations

Moose River Campground has 49 spacious RV campsites which are nestled along a curve of the Moose River, a rocky, scenic river originating high in the hills of East Haven, Vermont. We are the perfect place to base yourselves while touring the many attractions in our area. If you come to relax and unwind from the hectic work life, and just want to kick back and watch the river roll by, you will have come to the right place.

Moose River Campground has 49 shaded and open Full Hookup Sites. Six pull thru sites for rigs up to 105' long! We also have free WiFi on each site and laundry facilities are available for use.

We must not forget that we are PET FRIENDLY!

We welcome self-contained units. NO BATHROOMS OR SHOWERS AVAILABLE! We no longer have tent sites.

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All amenities are included in site fees (not tent sites).
Each site has a maximum of 4 people.
Prices are for 1-4 people (ages 18-99).
Children (ages 2-17) are $5.00 per day per child.
Any reservations made for September 1 - October 16 are non-refundalbe and, if cancelled, you will be charged for the ENTIRE stay amount.

Service Utilities Day Week Month
30-amp Track Sites Water/Electric/Sewer/Wireless Internet/Cable $50.00
Holidays: $55.00
$300.00 $1,150.00
30-amp River Sites and 30/50-amp Pull-Thru Sites Water/Electric/Sewer/Wireless Internet/Cable $55.00
Holidays: $60.00
$330.00 $1,265.00
Prime Site
(only 1, reservations highly recommended)
50/30/20-amp Water/Electric/Sewer, cable, WiFi, BBQ grill, patio, patio furniture, daily newspaper, 1 bundle firewood per day $70.00
Holidays: $75.00
$420.00 $1,610.00
38' RV Rental (On River)
(2 night minimum)
(1 week minimum July and August)
Moose River Campground - RV Rental
Moose River Campground - RV Rental
Moose River Campground - RV Rental
Day Week Holiday Weekends (3 night min) Month
$135.00 per night $810.00 $145.00 per night
(Memorial Day/4th of July/Labor Day/Columbus Weekend)
38' RV Rental can sleep up to 5 people, and is equipped with a full size bed, a full size fold out couch, and a twin fold out couch. It has a full stove with oven, microwave oven, toaster, coffee pot, pots and pans, dishes, silverware, TV both in the living room and bedroom, eating area, bathroom with tub/shower, air condition, furnace, radio. Linens are not included. No housecleaning while you are here. This is a smoke free environment. No pets are allowed to be left onsite or unattended in RV. $135 (Holiday $145) non-refundable deposit. Our rates are based on 4 adults, with a charge of $15 per day per person for each extra guest. This is NON-CANCELING. If you cancel, you will be charged full price for the entire RV rental stay.
34' RV Rental (On River)
(2 night minimum)
(1 week minimum July and August)
Moose River Campground - RV Rental
Moose River Campground - RV Rental
Moose River Campground - RV Rental
Day Week Holiday Weekends (3 night min) Month
$155.00 per night $930.00 $165.00 per night
(Memorial Day/4th of July/Labor Day/Columbus Weekend)
Our 34' RV HAS A NEW SITE, right on the river, overlooking our peaceful river. This RV can sleep up to 4 people, and is equipped with a full size bed, and a full size fold out couch. It has a full stove with oven, microwave oven, toaster, coffee pot, pots and pans, dishes, silverware, TV both in the living room and bedroom, eating area, bathroom with tub/shower, air condition, furnace, radio. Linens are not included. No housecleaning while you are here. This is a smoke free environment. Pets are not allowed to be left onsite or unattended in cabin. $155 non-refundable deposit. Our rates are based on 4 adults, no extra people. This is NON-CANCELING. If you cancel, you will be charged full price for the whole cabin rental stay. Fires allowed on cabin site.
30' Cabin Rental (Prime Site)
(2 night minimum)
(1 week minimum July and August)
Moose River Campground - Cabin
Moose River Campground - Cabin Interior
Moose River Campground - Cabin Interior
Day Week Holiday Weekends (3 night min) Month
$155.00 per night $930.00 $165.00 per night
(Memorial Day/4th of July/Labor Day/Columbus Weekend)
Our cabin is a 24' three room cabin with a 6' deck. It can sleep up to 4 people. It features a bedroom with a full size bed, a sofa with a full size pullout bed in the living area, a living area with a kitchen with microwave oven, NeWave Induction cooktop, toaster, coffee pot, pots and pans, dishes, silverware, TV in the living room, eating area, air condition, heat and radio. Linens are not included. No housecleaning while you are here. This is a smoke free environment. Pets are not allowed to be left onsite or unattended in cabin. $155 non-refundable deposit. Our rates are based on 4 adults. No extra people. This is NON-CANCELING. If you cancel, you will be charged full price for the whole cabin rental stay. Fires allowed on cabin site.
Seasonal sites available for the 2024 season – call now!

Summer seasonal sites available - $2,500.00+
Site price includes up to 4 people, each additional person/car $8 overnight
ALL Weekends are 2 night minimum (Friday AND Saturday)
DEPOSITS: One day charge on all day stays, 2 (two) day charge on all weekends and weekly stays, and $300 charge on all monthly stays. ALL THESE DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Deposits are due at time of reservation.

Why camp with Moose River Campground?

LOTS of Planned Activities on the weekends
FREE Wireless Internet and cable on site
Picnic Tables
Fire Rings
Riverside Sites
Conveniently located to attractions
(Sorry, no pool, playground or activities for children.)

Cancellation Policy

For all weekday stays, if you cancel, it is a one day charge, no exceptions. For all weekend and holiday weekends, no matter when you cancel, there is a whole weekend charge. If you cancel a monthly stay, your deposit of $300 is non-refundable. ALL WEEKENDS ARE NON CANCELING.

RV Trailers and Cabin Rental: One (1) day deposit required, NON REFUNDABLE/NO CANCELATIONS.


If you have a site preference, we will make a reasonable effort to honor it.
HOWEVER, we cannot guarantee a site preference for less than 1 week reservation.

Reservation Requests
Make your Moose River Campground reservation requests online! Simply complete the form below, indicating your dates of arrival and departure, number of people, the type of camping equipment which you will be using, and your basic contact information. Please understand that this is strictly a Reservation Request Form. You do not have an actual reservation until we have contacted you confirming the availability of space and you have paid the necessary reservation deposit. We will confirm your reservation via e-mail within 1 week, and we will also include your confirmation number. When we contact you for your deposit, you will be able to provide Visa, MasterCard, or Discover payment information. You can also indicate that you will send a check, to arrive no later than 7 days after your call and when received, you will be emailed your confirmation.
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Reservation Request
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Moose River Campground does not have a playground, swimming pool, or game room.
As a result, children may not enjoy their stay as much as older folks.
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